Shadow Over Self by Timothy Alexander

Forthcoming on Diacope Records.

Timothy Alexander - Omnipotence [DCR08]

Following from his recent Sonic Groove EP, we are proud to bring you the next EP from Timothy Alexander. Continuing with our recent heavy releases, Omnipotence merges intense industrial percussive elements with equally strong melodic elements.

Out 01/05/2013

Timothy Alexander - Sentience (Sonic Groove 1358)

Check it out at Hardwax now!

Timothy Alexander Mixes

So the last two weeks have been pretty busy for me. I was featured on the mighty Subsekt podcast last week (after Claudio PRC) and I’m now on the OurLand podcast.

Both mixes have been getting some great feedback, so hope hope you enjoy.

Subsekt Mix


2010 - 2012

First I want to say thanks for all the support from last year! That’s everyone who bought an EP, gave a review, played stuff out, I’ve performed with and those who paid any amount of interest in this label. We’re into our third year now and the label I started all those years ago isn’t the same one today.

It’s good to change, and the transformation with Diacope has definitely been a gradual one, redefining our sound and maturing with every release. This year has a lot in store for us, especially as we’re only 4 months into our relocation to Berlin from Manchester and still exploring.

I’ve already started a pretty crazy year as I will be releasing on a different label for the first time, Sonic Groove…Being given the opportunity to release on such a massive label has definitely given me the confidence that what I’ve done with my label so far has been right!

Anyway, without getting too over-dramatic, I just want to say thanks for everything and here’s to 2013!

Also, all releases are now available to check out on Youtube. Hoping to using this more over the coming year!


DCR07 Out Now

Timothy Alexander provides yet another strong 3 track EP on Diacope. Produced and recorded in Berlin, Tim has further developed his harsh, intense style whilst experimenting with more melodic elements and sound manipulation. The release provides an almost cinematic soundscape where abstract timbres cross paths with relentless rhythms.

Along with the previous EP, his current work is redefining Diacope as an uncompromising label with quality and intelligent techno.

Available to buy from Juno Download.

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Blackhorse out November 19th.